Now that summer’s coming, keep in mind that this comes with increased electricity consumption as you make sure that your home is kept cool and be protected from the scorching heat. Fortunately, you can do several things to help reduce your energy bills used for your air conditioner this summer. Apart from consulting from ac repair north port company, here are other reasons you should consider: 

Insulate your attics and walls 

Your windows are not the sole part of your house that could leak air. Crawl spaces, walls, and attics also lose air. Professionally insulating your house is among the best ways to boost energy efficiency. When your house is older, insulating them can be an ideal investment.  

Minimize the sunlight exposure 

Did you know that your home’s temperature can increase once sunlight streams in through your windows? The good news here is that you can calm that effect by blocking the sunlight. Planting a few shade trees out of your windows can reduce infiltrating sunlight while blackout curtains or shades are another low-cost option 

Prevent cooking indoors 

Cooking on a stovetop or an oven can elicit a lot of heat, which can strain your AC unit system. The summer season is ideal for grilling outside and outdoor cooking. Doing so at least 2 times a week can help. As an alternative, you can utilize appliances that give off less heat like electric griddles or crockpots.   

Change your HVAC air filters 

Air filters help maintain your HVAC system to run smoothly by keeping dust from promoting air circulation and blocking your vents. Once your AC filters are dirty, your unit won’t have any choice but to work harder to generate and regulate air as efficiently as it can. To prevent that from happening, it’s best to change your filter at least every couple of months or so, especially if you have kids or pets. Thankfully, air filters are budget-friendly and easy to replace by yourself.  

Use ceiling fans 

A ceiling fan can help in circulating cool air, which can take a few of the burdens off your AC unit. Utilize the ceiling fans you have now or set them up all over your home to boost energy-efficiency.  

Set up programmable thermostats 

A programmable thermostat can help minimize your energy usage by regulating the temperature as you’re asleep or away from your home. These thermostats can be programmed by anyone easily. You can also opt to buy one that slowly adapts to your temperature preferences. Other thermostats can be launched and used using an app even if your away.  

Seal your windows 

Air could leak if your windows are poorly sealed. In this case, your AC unit system might need to work harder. Fortunately, you can keep cool air from leaking out of your windows by weather-stripping your windows and caulking cracks or leaks.  

Upgrade your window  

When you have old windows in your house, your AC units might not be energy-efficient. So, make sure to install new energy-efficient windows if you want to reduce the cooling costs of your home. Though it may include upfront cost, you’ll be able to make it up over time with reduced bills to pay.